Solar Lights Outdoor Garden Lights


Solar Lights Outdoor Garden Lights

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-Unique Jellyfish Design and 7 Color Variations: The solar jellyfish decorative light is made of plastic fiber optic injection molding. Corrosion resistance, strong light transmission, the overall appearance is like jellyfish. These garden lights will automatically light up in the dark, with 7 color sync gradients, eye-catching and relaxing.
-Dreamy Romantic Decor: As night falls, a variety of colorful jellyfish begin to swim in the darkness, transforming your patio into a sea of ​​color. These outdoor decorations are perfect for making your garden dreamy and romantic. They can release their beauty and charm by displaying brilliant colors, creating a strong festive atmosphere.
-UPGRADED SOLAR PANELS AND WATERPROOF: Standalone solar panels have no cables, so there is no chance of a short circuit. After the upgrade, the entire length of the optical fiber is illuminated until the end of the optical fiber. And the IP65 waterproof level is exquisitely designed, so there is no need to worry about bad weather.
-Save energy and save money: Our jellyfish lights are powered by the sun and have no electricity bills, helping you save on everyday expenses. Charge in the sun for 6-8 hours, the solar garden light will automatically turn on in the dark and turn off automatically during the day.
-Wide range of usage scenarios: detachable solar panels, no cables required, you can arrange them at will to avoid cable interference or tripping and falling injuries.
-Ease of use: everything is in the package. No other installation tools are required. Just connect the beam to the light body, plug the light into the ground, and turn on the solar panel button or remote switch. Installs in seconds and works great.

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