Solar garden cherry blossom light
Solar garden cherry blossom light
Solar garden cherry blossom light
Solar garden cherry blossom light
Solar garden cherry blossom light


Solar garden cherry blossom light

Sale price$23.99

Unique cherry blossom shape. The solar-powered lantern comes with six high-quality beautiful cherry blossoms that are brighter and more vibrant in color. When the wind blows, the flowers will swing back and forth in the bush.
The seven colors alternate. the LED solar lantern is made of plastic. It will alternate between seven colors and bloom with colorful lights at night.
Upgraded battery: Built-in 600mAh battery. Solar powered, no extra electricity cost. Improve charging efficiency and usage time, charge during the day and turn on automatically at night. 8-10 hours working time (fully charged), 6-8 hours charging time.
Waterproof design and garden decoration. Waterproof design ensures outdoor solar lights can withstand all kinds of bad weather, no need to worry about sunny days, rainy days and light snow days. Ideal for lawn decoration and solar garden lights for gardens, road sides, yards, trees, flower beds, fences, lawns, trails, campsites, landscape street lights, etc.
Easy to use. Whenever you want a beautiful yard decoration, just push this light into the ground and you can quickly install this solar flower. Suitable for all kinds of holiday parties, including Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, weddings and birthday parties.

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