Seed boot disk with raised lid
Seed boot disk with raised lid
Seed boot disk with raised lid
Seed boot disk with raised lid
Seed boot disk with raised lid


Seed boot disk with raised lid

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  • 2-in-1 Upgrade Raised Roof】The raised roof (4 inches high) provides enough space for your plants and acts as a barrier for seedlings against strong winds, heavy rain or extreme cold weather damage. By using this small greenhouse, your seedlings can be managed centrally and young plants can stay in the seed starter tray for a longer period of time, thus saving time and energy.
    Perfect humidity design] The adjustable vents of this seed tray allow you to regulate the temperature and humidity of the seedling environment, so you have complete control over the germination process. Our humidity dome has an adjustable circular vent. Rotate the vent tray to control the internal humidity from 0% to 100% to accommodate the different stages of seed to seedling growth.
    Perfect Drainage System Each pot has drainage holes at the bottom for fast and adequate drainage, reducing root over-saturation and ensuring your seeds grow healthily. Perfect greenhouse effect makes your plants grow faster!
    Reusable & Sturdy & Clear】The high quality clear trays in this seed growing set make it easy to observe your plants without interrupting the growing process. You will get. 10 seed trays, 10 base trays, 10 clear domes, 20 plant labels, 2 small gardening tools, 1 pair of gloves.
    Widely applicable to more plants】. Raised lid height provides ample space for flowers, vegetables, fruits, herbs and other plants to grow. Seed starter tray + nursery pots, not only for seed germination, but also for germination of plant cuttings. Each unit has considerable space for seedlings to have good root development before transplanting to a garden or larger pot.

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