Reusable water balloon
Reusable water balloon
Reusable water balloon
Reusable water balloon
Reusable water balloon


Reusable water balloon

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  • Reusable Water Bombs: This splash balls never run out, reused quickly in seconds, same effect as normal balloons but without the waste pollution, a very sustainable product, no mess left behind! No need to pick up pieces of balloons after a water balloon fight.
  • High Quality Material: Those Water Balloons are made from soft silicone which is odorless, nice grip, safe and wouldn't hurt when you hit someone. 6cm diameter magnetic balloon balls provide perfect hand size for children adults.
  • Refillable and Self-Sealing: There are 6 small powerful magnets along the edges of the two demi-spheres that allows water bomb to self seal tightly and retain water, fill water much better and faster than traditional kids water balloons.
  • Easy to Use: Just place the reusable water bombs open into a bucket of water and let go, they close automatically in 1-2 second sealing water inside. When you throw them, they then pop open and drench your target.
  • Have a Surprise Summer Party: The 8 colorful colors make balls look very beautiful, different colored ballons made it easier and possible to play color coordinated team games. The balls can be opened wide to drain and dry and then store in the mesh bag provided.

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