Red+Blue Oil Brush Bottle 2 in 1 Design
Red+Blue Oil Brush Bottle 2 in 1 Design
Red+Blue Oil Brush Bottle 2 in 1 Design
Red+Blue Oil Brush Bottle 2 in 1 Design
Red+Blue Oil Brush Bottle 2 in 1 Design
Red+Blue Oil Brush Bottle 2 in 1 Design


Red+Blue Oil Brush Bottle 2 in 1 Design

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-Unique 2-in-1 Design: The new 2-in-1 silicone oil applicator brush with oil dispenser makes brushing oil easy and quantitative. The oil brush point consists of a silicone straw head, a transparent oil storage space with a measuring scale, a T-shaped silicone brush, a PP filter funnel, a PE straw and a glass bottle. Oil is easily applied by simply pressing the silicone pipette tip.
-Controllable amount of oil: oil brush dispenser for cooking. With just a pinch, the oil can be injected quickly, and the precise scale allows you to control the quantitative oil output. And the design of the oil return hole also avoids waste and overflow, while maintaining the cleanliness of the countertop.
-Durable and heat-resistant : Cooking oil dispenser with brush. Silicone brush is heat-resistant, resistant to high temperatures up to 250°C/482°F, lint-free, BPA-free, durable and eco-friendly, easy to clean - glass bottle and lid with silicone brush, clean tap water with detergents and cleaners, Dishwasher safe.
-Easy to use : Kitchen oil dispenser bottle. The measuring bottle with the brush mouth itself is large and can easily drip oil, vinegar, chili oil, etc. The glass dripper bottle can be used for cooking, baking, frying, storage and brushing, and it can also be used for weekend picnics and is easy to carry.
-Multipurpose : Oil dispenser with brush. You can easily spread meat or fish when pan roasting, or for long periods of grilling without having to take the oil frequently The best oil applicator brush with dispenser bottle for roasting or cooking without dealing with messy drips. Works on a variety of foods including meats, pastries, vegetables, oil marinades, honey, sauces and more!

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