Rose Gold Pet Groomer
Rose Gold Pet Groomer
Rose Gold Pet Groomer
Rose Gold Pet Groomer
Rose Gold Pet Groomer


Rose Gold Pet Groomer

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  • Specification and material: binding tape 16 m long × The tape is 5 cm wide, made of high-quality PVC plastic, safe and friendly, soft and elastic, without glue.
  • Electrostatic adhesion: the non-sticky PVC tape has no adhesive, so you don't have to worry about it pulling your hair or leaving any sticky residue, and it does not hurt when you peel it off. Have fun with your sex games!
  • Easy to use: 16 m long bondage tape can be reused several times. Compared to the tie rope, it is easier to use and leaves no marks. You don't need to know knots to use it effectively.
  • Multiple use: the bondage tape can be used in many ways: you can tie it or wrap it around your lover's ankle and wrist, or use it as an eye mask to cover his eyes. Let you enjoy endless creative fun.
  • SM sex toy: This SM pair of sex toys is very suitable to tie your lover to create a sexy and charming atmosphere. Whether you are a shy beginner or a pornograph, you can use it!

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