Potato growing bags
Potato growing bags
Potato growing bags
Potato growing bags
Potato growing bags


Potato growing bags

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  • 【Easy to Store and Reuse】The bags can be easily fold up and will not take up much space when storing. Easily move and flap the lid to harvest potatoes without much effort. Please put about 4 to 6 seeds in each bag. At the end of the growing season, you may empty the bags, simply clean them and store dry.
  • 【Sturdy Fabric Material】Made of thickened premium nonwoven fabric wihich is fairly permeable,environmental-friendly and without any poisons. The strong and biodegradable material can prolong the service life of the bags, at the same time cause no pollution. The bag ensures good ventilation to prevent excessive moisture, also provide more oxygen for your plants.
  • 【Design with Flap & Handle】 These grow bag comes with large harvest window, through which you can check your plant and easily harvest veggies. These grow bags are made of sturdy material to ensure you may move around the bags filled with soil. Sided window opens to make it easier for you to get fruits. The strong handles make them easy to move around as your needs.
  • 【Widely Used】4 pack vegetable planter bags make planting, growing, and harvesting easier and great for potatoes, onions, carrots, tomatoes flowers. You can plant your favorite vegetables in your yard, in front of the fence, on the balcony, on the terrace, indoors, etc.
  • 【Good Drainage & Protect roots 】Our potato grow bags can provide a good environment in the root of plants. It does not only can prevent soil erosion but also can protect the roots. As the ability to provide better air circulation and drainage than the same plant could receive in the ground, it helps to keep the roots healthy and stronger.

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