Pet grooming hammock
Pet grooming hammock
Pet grooming hammock
Pet grooming hammock
Pet grooming hammock


Pet grooming hammock

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  • Perfect 13Pcs Grooming Tools Combination: Pet grooming hammock comes with pet nail clippers, nail file, black suspenders, gloves, stainless steel S hook, magic hook loop strap, comb and carabiner. These items are the perfect combination with the pet nail hammock, even at home,you can grooming your pet easily
    Comfortable & Soft Fabric: The dog grooming hammock is made of polyester mesh material, which is breathable and wear-resistant, tear-resistant, premium craft sewing technique can prevents pets from falling off; and the thickened edges of the front and rear legs can reduce friction and better protect pets; this The hammock is hand washable, machine washable and dry cleanable
    Multifunctional and Convenient: The grooming hammock can make pets calm and relaxed. After use, it can not only groom your pet, but also bathe your pet, clean teeth, perform eye and ear health care, and check all aspects of the body indicators, etc., these will no longer be difficult
    Provide Better Safety: The hammock is not only equipped with stainless steel S hooks, but also with carabiner, giving you a double choice, even the irritable pet will not fall off the hammock.And we also provide magic hook loop straps to paste it on the hammock sling to ensure the safety of pets
    Available the Right Size: L: suitable for pets with a maximum distance between the front and rear legs of 10 inches or less , pets weighing between 22-44lb. Before purchasing, please measure the distance between the front and rear legs of your pet and the weight according to the size range, so that you can choose the appropriate grooming kit for it

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