Katzenspielzeugset mit Federn
Katzenspielzeugset mit Federn
Katzenspielzeugset mit Federn
Katzenspielzeugset mit Federn
Katzenspielzeugset mit Federn


Katzenspielzeugset mit Federn

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  • High-quality cat toy set: interactive cat toy set contains 1 elastic cat wand with strong suction cups, 1 pink flying fish, 1 blue butterfly, 1 purple ladybird, 5 worm toys. Interactive cat toy has bells, feathers and bright colours to attract the attention of cats, keep your cat agile and healthy, strengthen the bond between pet and owner, build confidence and friendship.
  • High-quality and safe to use: cat fishing rod is made of elongated elastic steel wire, which has excellent flexibility and can quickly return to its original shape after bending. The replacement cat toy is naturally odourless and can be licked by cats without hesitation, stimulating the cat's hunting instinct.
  • 2 interactive modes: feather cat toy has 2 interactive modes, manual and automatic. Remove the suction cup and hold the cat stick, you can interact and play directly with the cat. By inserting the stretchy cat wand into the suction cup, you can free your hands and let the cat entertained itself.
  • Improve the strong suction cup: Please tear off the protective film of the base before using the suction cup. The improved suction cup can hold up to 20 pounds, and the super suction power and the reusable sticky base make the suction cup stable and durable.
  • Multi-scene application: replaceable feather cat play set has a suction cup base with strong adsorption power, which can be adsorbed on tiles, glass, stainless steel, marble, which frees hands and lets cats play alone. Flexible and durable, the steel wire has strong bending strength. To maintain long-term stability, the steel wire can be straightened properly so that the cat plays happier.

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