Home indoor swing type electric heater
Home indoor swing type electric heater
Home indoor swing type electric heater
Home indoor swing type electric heater
Home indoor swing type electric heater
Home indoor swing type electric heater


Home indoor swing type electric heater

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3 temperature levels and 6 modes] Adjustable thermostats include natural air, low/high temperature, oscillating natural air, and oscillating low/high temperature. You can easily set the on/off control to any of the 3 modes to achieve the temperature you want. And, the extra fan mode makes it a soothing desk fan in summer to calm your irritation from the heat.
3. Quick Heating】Turn on the small ceramic space heater and the wind will be heated up in just 3 seconds. The advanced ceramic heating element provides faster and more efficient heating for relatively small spaces than traditional heaters. No preheating is required, quickly warming the surrounding air. Never feel cold again this winter
【Maximum Safety】Built-in tipping and overheating protection. Overheat protection system will turn off the portable heater when the temperature reaches 122℉ (45℃). The tipping protection system will shut down when the fan heater is accidentally knocked over to avoid accidents. It provides safe heating for you and your family.
Super Quiet & 45°Shock】Lower than 50 decibels, low noise will not disturb your rest, sleep, reading, work, etc. It is ideal to set this portable heater where you want to get warm.The 45° oscillating hot air allows you to enjoy more even warmth in multiple directions.
Compact size and portability】Size. 6.5 x 6.5 in x 11.4 in. Built-in carrying handle and light weight (2.53Ib) make the indoor space heater easy to carry and suitable for placing in any room or moving from under the table on the floor to the table. No more worrying about taking up too much space in a crowded room. In addition, the compact size, as well as easy to store in cabinets during the off-season.

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