Car windscreen sun visors
Car windscreen sun visors
Car windscreen sun visors
Car windscreen sun visors
Car windscreen sun visors


Car windscreen sun visors

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  • [2023 UPGRADED DESIGN] - Upgraded with black cords and looped umbrella shaft, its placement is more flexible to better protect your car. The car windshield sunshade is specially designed to protect the center console from scratches and prolonged sun exposure.
    [Car Sunshade] - Our car windshield sunshade not only provides reliable sun protection for your car, but also prevents fading and cracking of the dashboard and interior trim, effectively extending the life of your car.
    [Suitable for most vehicles] - The size of the car windshield sunshade is 79cm*140cm (55*31 inches). It can fit most types of car windows. Whether you own a car, RV, commercial vehicle, SUV, minivan, or even a van, our car sunshade windshield can wrap around the windshield to achieve maximum coverage for your vehicle.
    [Easy to fold and store] - The foldable car windshield sunshade is just like your regular umbrella, it's very easy to open and fold in seconds. This car sunshade is very convenient in daily use, and the foldable design makes it easy to store without taking up space in your car.
    [QUALITY MATERIAL] - The car windshield sunshade is made of composite peptide material, which is not easily damaged under high temperature for a long time and keeps the air inside the car fresh. It also comes with 10 umbrella holders that are sturdy and durable for use in sunny and rainy days. So convenient!

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