Bike Tool Kit
Bike Tool Kit
Bike Tool Kit
Bike Tool Kit
Bike Tool Kit
Bike Tool Kit


Bike Tool Kit

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-Bicycle repair kit: Bicycle flat tire repair kit includes: 1 mini bicycle pump, 1 hose with nozzle converter, 1 bicycle multi-tool 16in1, 2 plastic tire levers, 1 metal scraper, 8 tire patch, 1 ball pin, 2 tapered valves, 1 Schrader valve, 1 bicycle saddlebag, enough to meet daily bicycle repair needs
-16-function bicycle multi-tool: 8/9/10mm socket wrench, one screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, socket extension, 8/10/15mm solid wrench, 14GE spoke wrench, 2/2.5/3/4/5/6mm hex wrench. With this 16 in 1 multifunctional bike tool, you can easily solve most bike problems, besides repairing bikes, it is also the best choice for daily operation.
-Stainless steel tire pressure lever; The bicycle tire pressure lever is made of high quality stainless steel, which is high strength, sturdy and durable, rustproof and anti-corrosion. When it comes to aging and solid bicycle tire parts, stainless steel bicycle tire lever is easier to pry it open compared to plastic lever
-Easy to use: The pre-glued patch can repair the punctured tire without additional glue, just rough up the tire with a file and stick the patch firmly to the damaged part of the tire, only for emergency use.

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