2 Pack Disco Ball Lights
2 Pack Disco Ball Lights
2 Pack Disco Ball Lights
2 Pack Disco Ball Lights
2 Pack Disco Ball Lights


2 Pack Disco Ball Lights

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  • Sound Activated: Our disco ball lights have built-in voice-activated sensors, and the three-color lights change with the rhythm of the music. Long press the switch to switch between the two modes and experience the dynamics brought by different modes. It can help you create a nice atmosphere at festivals, family celebrations.
  • Two Flash Modes: This party lights can change the flashing mode of the lights by long pressing the function key. The two modes are self-propelled mode and light-proof mode. Self-propelled mode will sense high volume rhythm flashing, no sound and slow flashing. The light-avoiding mode is to sense the high volume rhythm and flash, and no sound will not flash. The two modes create different party atmospheres and bring a different feeling to your party.
  • Easy to Use: You can use the built-in USB cable to charge the disco lights, which can be connected to various devices such as mobile phone charging heads, computers, power banks, car cigarette lighters, etc. Built-in 300mA high-capacity lithium battery, charging for 1 hour, you can enjoy 4-6 hours, and the flashing is uninterrupted.
  • High-brightness Lamp Beads: The dynamic effect of party disco lights comes from high-brightness lamp beads. This lamp bead has a long life, slow light decay, and a lifespan of up to 20,000 hours, which is 4 times that of household energy-saving lamps. This light is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and can meet your long-term needs.
  • Easy to Carry: The compact design of the disco balls stage light is only the size of a palm, so it can be carried anywhere. DJ disco lights have built-in powerful magnets at the bottom, and the outside is fixed by double-sided tape magnets. The disco lights can be fixed in various places such as car sunroofs, interior living rooms, etc. Our package contains 6 pieces of double-sided tape, you can change the location of disco lights at any time.

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