16-inch wall magnetic knife holder
16-inch wall magnetic knife holder
16-inch wall magnetic knife holder
16-inch wall magnetic knife holder
16-inch wall magnetic knife holder


16-inch wall magnetic knife holder

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  • ★[Powerful Magnet] The magnetic knife holder bar is used to hold your knives firmly in place. The powerful kitchen magnet keeps kids away from sharp knives and your knives stay in place and won't slip off the magnetic knife holder. It will never rust or lose its powerful magnetism, making your kitchen safer and the modern design a focal point of any kitchen decor.
    ★[Excellent Material] This stainless steel magnetic knife rack features a smooth silver finish that looks great in your kitchen or anywhere you choose to install it for a more modern look. This magnetic knife bar is made of high quality 304 stainless steel. The main difference is corrosion resistance - Type 304 has a higher corrosion resistance than Type 201, which means it has lifetime durability under normal environmental conditions.
    ★ [Two types of installation] The installation method developed by the Manulife design team achieves versatility and accuracy. Accuracy is provided by the drilling template, which is very important to keep the magnetic strip level. Two different types of methods are available to properly secure your magnetic stripe to any wall. The mounting parts provide two different types of fixing methods (tape or screws.)
    ★[Wide Application] Easy to clean, elegant surface, use the magnetic knife holder strip to hold knives, scissors, tools, children's toys, keys, and any other ultimate organizer you can think of. Magnetic knife holder can be used as a knife holder, knife strip, knife holder, kitchen utensil holder, home organizer, tool holder.
    ★[Ideal Gift] The magnetic knife bar can hold more tools than most magnetic holders on the market, and the edges of the knife bar have been updated from the classic four corners to the new four arcs for safer use. This newly designed magnetic knife strip is really free up your kitchen space! Give your mother, girlfriend or friend the gift of space-saving kitchen organization. If you know a chef who has a lot of kitchen knife tools, they will be delighted to receive this gift.

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