10 seed starting trays with upgraded height
10 seed starting trays with upgraded height
10 seed starting trays with upgraded height
10 seed starting trays with upgraded height
10 seed starting trays with upgraded height


10 seed starting trays with upgraded height

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  • 【Upgraded Seed Starter Kit】The upgraded seeding start tray cover has increased the height of the lid to 4 inches, providing higher space for seed growth. Our seed starter kit can artificially control humidity and temperature, can effectively improve seed germination. Suitable for beginners to seed, can effectively improve seed germination, suitable for microgreens, soil blocks, rock wool cubes, wheatgrass, hydroponic.
  • 【With Humidity Dome】There is an adjustable circular vents on the lid of the seedling tray, which can adjust the humidity in the box, promote air circulation and help seed growth. You can easily adjust the humidity (from 50-100%) and temperature inside the nursery tray to suit the different stages of seed growth by rotating the regulator to help the seeds grow.
  • 【With Superb Material】The seedling starter trays kit is made of high-quality plastic material, with high strength, tear resistance, non-deformation, high transparency, easy to observe the growth of seeds at any time without interrupting the growth progress. Durable thickening, and can be reused many times. Perfect for gardening enthusiasts and gardeners.
  • 【With Drain Hole】Each of our seed trays comes with 12 cells space and each cell has a drainage hole at the bottom.Proper drainage not only helps maintain better soil moisture levels for more seeds to germinate,it will not cause root rot because you water too much.The base tray in the bottom collects can excess moisture and fallen soil from the seed starter tray, keeping the plant seed starter tray clean and tidy.
  • 【All-in-One】You will get:10 x Seed Trays,10 x Base Trays,10 x Clear Domes,20 x Plant Labels,2 x Small Garden Tools,1 x a pair of gloves. Indoor base greenhouse germination kit with humidity-adjustable circular vents is a great choice for a variety of plants such as flowers, vegetables, fruits and other plants. Also, great gifts for friends and family.

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