0.4" Thick Outdoor Mat
0.4" Thick Outdoor Mat
0.4" Thick Outdoor Mat
0.4" Thick Outdoor Mat
0.4" Thick Outdoor Mat
0.4" Thick Outdoor Mat


0.4" Thick Outdoor Mat

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-Excellent Design: Featuring a vintage pattern with a thickness of almost 0.4 inches and made of high quality polypropylene fabric, the eco-friendly, non-toxic, odorless material is very safe and healthy for families with pets and children.
-Protects against moisture and dirt: Our indoor-outdoor doormats are made of durable polypropylene fibers that help keep dirt and moisture away from your shoes. It helps hide dirt and grime when walking into the entryway from the outside.
-Non-slip liner: The indoor entryway doormat uses a 100% high quality PVC rubber liner that prevents water and moisture from seeping in, stays in place on dry floors and won't slip or scuff the floor, ensuring you and your family won't fall.
-Easy to clean: Simply vacuum with a handheld vacuum, sweep with a broom, or shake off outdoors or over a trash can. For a deeper clean, wipe down with a damp cloth and mild soap, or rinse the mat outdoors with a garden hose. Allow your mat to air dry completely before the next use.
-WIDE USE: Sophisticated colors and stylish patterns add tasteful decoration to your entryways, front doors, lobbies, offices, patios, garages, businesses and other public areas. Our doormats are also suitable for front door carpets, stain catcher doormats, indoor or outdoor entrance doormats.

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