Fireplace heater electric fireplace
Fireplace heater electric fireplace
Fireplace heater electric fireplace
Fireplace heater electric fireplace
Fireplace heater electric fireplace


Fireplace heater electric fireplace



  • 🔥 2 in 1 electric fireplace. The electric fireplace is heating and fireplace in one, it provides you with heat and creates a pleasant and cozy atmosphere with LED flame effects. It has two adjustable heating levels of 750 and 1500 watts. This heater can be used when switched on and the beautiful flame illusion appears, immersing the room in a sultry light, just like a real fireplace.
    🔥Four modes to choose from: This heater offers four modes, flame and warm mode 750 watts, flame and warm mode 1500 watts, flame mode without heater, and warm mode without flame. Since the heating function can be adjusted individually, you can enjoy the look of the fireplace even without heating. Fireplace atmosphere. Our heaters operate electrically, so no real flame is produced.
    The 🔥 LED creates a pleasant flickering effect that simulates a cozy open flame. with a weight of 4.5 kg and a handle design, you can put the fireplace anywhere without the risk of fire. An added benefit is that there is no ash or dirt.
    🔥 Overheat protection. For safety reasons, the fireplace is equipped with an overheat protection device. It will stop heating when the temperature reaches the set point, so you can fall asleep without hesitation while enjoying the warmth of the fireplace. Note: But please keep it in a stable place to prevent it from being knocked over accidentally.
    🔥 Nostalgic design. The classic design of this electric fireplace impresses with its simplicity and elegance. Whether rustic or modern, this electric heater creates the illusion of realistic flames in every room. With the carrying handle, the heater can be placed quickly and easily anywhere. It is the perfect gift for family and friends.

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