Bedroom natural sunrise sunlight alarm clock
Bedroom natural sunrise sunlight alarm clock
Bedroom natural sunrise sunlight alarm clock
Bedroom natural sunrise sunlight alarm clock
Bedroom natural sunrise sunlight alarm clock


Bedroom natural sunrise sunlight alarm clock


The Wake Up Light Alarm Clock stimulates your body to wake up naturally with customizable lights and sounds. The natural light alarm clock with 9 natural sounds will gradually turn on from 10% brightness to 100% between 5-60 minutes before the alarm set time, and you can choose the wake-up time. The sunrise simulation light gradually changes color and brightness from dark red to bright yellow before the alarm goes off.
Dual alarm clock and digital clock with snooze support. The dual alarm mode accommodates different wake-up times for you and your family, and it helps to have a happy word day and weekend. Digital clock helps you to see the time clearly. The snooze function is specially designed for those who need an extra 9 minutes to start an energetic day. Simply press the Snooze button at the top of the clock and you will get more than 9 minutes of sleep. You can hypnotize up to 5 times.
【7 colors of lights and 20 brightnesses of bedroom sunrise alarm clock】. Provide you with 7 color choices, you can choose blue, indigo, purple, red, orange, yellow and green to wake up your child's clock. 20 levels of lighting brightness adjustable sunrise alarm clock with USB charger port.
9 nature sounds You can choose from 9 alarm clock sounds to wake you up, such as birdsong, ocean waves, stream, beep, wind chime, soft music, piano, and more. There are also 16 levels of adjustable volume. A variety of sounds to make it easy for kids to wake up. A wonderful children's alarm clock.
【Night Light and Bedside Lamp】With 7 different colors and 20 levels of brightness, it is suitable as a bedside clock sun light/reading light/desktop clock/sun light/color changing alarm clock. Meanwhile, you can press the "+"/"-" button to adjust the brightness. The soft and warm light gives you a good visual effect when you feed your baby/go to the toilet/read a book at night.

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